Water Wazi

Wastewater treatment data to

enable reporting

on water quality in South Africa

To provide data for CCIJ that reflects all the good and bad wastewater treatments in South Africa, which will be used by journalists to do investigative stories

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About this project

There has been a steep decline in the water quality that South Africans drink. Many wastewater treatments are not meeting the standards. The aim is to use Water Wazi to plot all the plants and indicate whether its still good or not. This will be done by scraping the Department of Water Affairs IRIS dashboard and uploading the data to Wazi.

The implementation process includes:

  • Scraping the Department of Water Affairs IRIS dashboard.
  • Then supplying an excel spreadsheet to the Data team to analyze and clean.
  • Then the Data team uploads the information into the Water Wazi profile.
  • The client reviews and approves.
  • Journalists use the information provided on the excel spreadsheet as well as the Wazi profile.

Users will benefit from the investigations done by the journalists regarding their drinking water and how it impacts their communities from a health and food perspective.

Project details

Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism, Code for All
Project start:
November 2020
Project status:

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