JD Bothma

Head of Product

What does JD do at OpenUp?

I help make sure we use tech effectively when it can support our work, and avoid it when it would just complicate things. I also help us use Agile to manage risk, communicate effectively, and make continual progress.

About JD

I believe everyone should have the same opportunities and freedoms. I believe the government belongs to the citizenry and should serve them. Both the public and the state forget this. So I bring my experience and knowledge of how innovation and development can happen quickly and reliably in the tech industry to see the same efficiencies and improvements in communication and collaboration between the state, civil society and the general public.


  • Worked on kivra.com, a secure digital mail system
  • Worked on klarna.com, an online retail payment system
  • Completed MSc in Computer Science, focusing on software development in industry and automated knowledge extraction from free text for computerised use