Matthew Stark

Creative Director

What does Matthew do at OpenUp?

I am the creative director. I design tools, websites, and much more!

About Matthew

I am true believer in the power of design and its ability to make valuable and potentially empowering information more accessible to those who need it most.

The process of addressing need through the discovery, curation, and enrichment of freely available, but often well hidden, data, is deeply appealing to me. I am constantly excited by the opportunity to apply my experience and the principles of design to further improve these tools and enhance their impact and reach.


  • Graphic Design Intern at Design Infestation Cape Town under Christo Maritz.
  • In-house designer at RGBC for brands including Macallan, Jack Daniels and Bacardi.
  • Freelance Graphic designer for over 6 years specializing in branding, DTP and web design.
  • Lead designer at BrandFoundry working on brands like WWF, Black Bottle, Nedbank and Sanlam.
  • Enthusiast photographer and lover of adventure.