Nick Budlender


What does Nick do at OpenUp?

I provide research support to various projects, especially those that focus on local government and its relationship with the public. My main role is reviewing existing projects and identifying and implementing improvements.

About Nick

The majority of my work has focused on issues relating to land, housing, and urban development. However, I also have a deep interest in governance, and this is largely why I joined OpenUp. I am passionate about South Africa and its people, and I am interested in contributing to a society that is more just, more equitable and more sustainable.


  • Currently provides urban policy research to several organisations in South Africa.
  • Previously worked at the urban land justice NGO Ndifuna Ukwazi.
  • Holds a BSocSci in Sociology and Environmental and Geographical Science (University of Cape Town), an Honours degree in Environmental and Geographical Science (University of Cape Town), and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (University of Sheffield).


Nick Budlender

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